Smarter.  Better.  Simpler.
Ride & Remind is a revolutionary system that reminds you when someone or something is in the back seat of your vehicle.  Simply stated: it provides an audible reminder so you’ll never again forget anyone or anything you’ve placed in the back seat of your vehicle.
The Ride & Remind System: designed by a busy driver for busy drivers.

Here’s how it works:
The Ride & Remind System works by monitoring your vehicle's rear doors. It’s automatically activated when either rear door is opened and closed within 15 minutes before your vehicle is started, or if they are opened and closed while your vehicle is running. Once you've completed your trip and turn off the vehicle, Ride & Remind sounds a gentle but distinctive and continuous chime, reminding you to check the backseat. To deactivate the chime, you must press a button conveniently located inside, near the rear door. If the chime is not responded to within 40 seconds, your car's horn will alert you or a passerby with a loud, continuous SOS signal.

The Ride & Remind System doesn’t attach to a car seat.  Instead, it becomes a part of your car, seamlessly integrated to provide protection for EVERY child in your back seat every time you drive.  

Unlike systems that attach to car seats, Ride & Remind goes further by providing full backseat protection.  Since it’s part of your vehicle system, it works for EVERY backseat occupant.  That means that not only every person but also everything you place in your backseat is protected. You’ll never forget a laptop, briefcase, purse or other cargo again.

Ride & Remind was engineered to be fully automatic and requires no driver participation to activate.  It’s a completely hassle-free and maintenance-free system.  There are no batteries to replace so you never have to worry about system failure due to dead batteries.  There are no attachments or gadgets to carry: it’s designed with your convenience in mind.

The Ride & Remind System reminds you about
 - Babies or toddlers
 - Pets
 - Physically and/or mentally challenged passengers
 - Personal items (laptops, briefcases, purses, etc.)
 - Virtually everyone and everything you’ve placed in your backseat!

                        With Ride & Remind, No One and Nothing is Forgotten!