Is there a sensor in the car seat?

No. This system works by sensing when and how the rear door was opened.

Will I have to turn off the reminder every time?

No. Only if you’ve opened the back door for more than 3 seconds.

What if I opened the back door and don’t need to be reminded?

You can cancel the reminder before closing the door by pushing the rear button.

Will it remind me if I have more than one child in the car?

Yes. The reminder is active until you intentionally cancel it by pressing the button.

If the horn sounds 40 seconds after I take out the key, what happens if I need more time?

You can open the back door without pressing the button and you now have 10 minutes – until the door is closed again and the time will revert to 40 seconds.

What if I stop to fill up for gas?

You can turn off the car and leave the key in the “on” position to pause the reminder.

What if my child plays with the button while I’m driving?

The button only works while the door is open.

Can I turn off the system if I won’t be needing it?

The system can be paused for 3 hours by pushing the rear button 5 times and reactivated by repeating the procedure.
A 12 volt professional would be needed to deactivate it entirely.

Can I transfer the system to a different car?

Yes. 12 Volt professional can remove the system and reinstall it into your new car.